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Hi and welcome to the Connect With Your Crowd blog. In this post, I’ll tell you about what I plan to post about over the coming months.

Something I love about small business owners is that a lot of us want to understand and at least to some extent be involved in all aspects of our businesses. But it can be hard to know what to do with your marketing if that’s not your area of expertise.

On this blog, I’m going to help you learn about marketing your small business. I want to help you understand marketing better, so you understand more of what’s going on if you hire someone to do it and know how to do some of it yourself. I’ll be primarily focusing on copywriting: the words in your marketing.

What the Connect With Your Crowd blog will cover

I’m planning to cover a range of topics across several broad themes which I’ll list below. But I also want to be led by what UK small business owners and freelancers would like to learn about. So, if there’s something you’d like to see a blog post about, get in touch. You can leave a comment at the bottom of this post, contact me on Instagram or get in contact with me using my contact details.

Copywriting and content marketing

I am primarily a copywriter, so much of the content will be about copywriting.

Copywriting is a persuasive form of writing, usually used in marketing. So, as a copywriter who works on digital marketing, I write words for websites, blogs, case studies and emails.

Content marketing is the strategic use of content to market your business. I’ll be focusing primarily on written content marketing such as blogs and email newsletters.

I’ll be talking about:

  • Aspects of copywriting and why they’re important. You can learn what you’re looking for in good copy and spot bad copy.
  • Practical advice on how to write and improve your own copy. I’ll teach you some copywriting skills, as well as sharing quick fixes to help improve the copy in various parts of your digital marketing.
  • How to choose what content marketing to do and plan it. So you can plan your own content marketing or be more informed if you hire someone else to plan it for you.
  • Guidance on how to work with a copywriter. If you decide to work with a copywriter, whether that’s me or someone else, you’ll know how to get the best out of the process.

Disability inclusive marketing

As well as working with small businesses in general, I specialise in copywriting for disabled audiences and disabled business owners.

So, I’ll talk about things like:

  • How to find and engage disabled audiences. This will help you whether you run a business that targets disabled customers exclusively, or if you’d just like to be more disability inclusive to make sure you’re including disabled customers in your more general audience.
  • Tips about disability inclusive language. So you can address disabled customers respectfully and avoid alienating them.
  • Tips on talking about your disability in your marketing, such as on your about page if you’re a disabled business owner. So you can make informed decisions about talking about your disability in your marketing and have techniques for getting the best out of it if you do decide to market your disability and the specific experience it gives you.
  • Accessibility and user experience tips. You can learn how to improve accessibility and user experience on your website and in other places online, which will help make things easier for your customers and more accessible for your disabled customers.

Life as a disabled freelancer

I’ll be discussing my own experiences as a freelancer, particularly from the perspective of being a disabled freelancer.

This will include things like:

  • Sharing my experiences. You can get a feel for what freelancing is like and maybe borrow some of my ideas.
  • Tips about how to run your own freelance business or small business. This will be from a disabled perspective as well, but there will also be general content I hope people find useful.

Why should you read this blog?

Lots of blogs cover similar topics. But I think that’s a good thing. Because every blogger will have their own perspective, both in terms of our personal experiences and how we explain things and what we advise. Sometimes, when I’m doing research, I find it useful to read about multiple peoples’ take on the same thing, because pretty much everyone describes and explains things slightly differently. We all have different learning styles, so you may find my way of explaining things useful.

I will do things like:

  • Use plenty of examples. I find being given examples really useful when I’m learning things. So that’s something I do myself.
  • Use plain English. Like with the rest of the website, I try to keep the language clear and easy to read. Where I talk through marketing terms and processes, I’ll explain them as simply as I can.
  • Keep things practical. I want you to read blog posts and learn about things that may help you within your own business. I’ve read my fair share of vague blog posts and they’re really not my thing.
  • Include extra resources where possible. So you have a starting point for finding out more about topics. Some blog posts will also be resource lists to point you in the direction of helpful resources to learn about a specific thing.

I hope you find this blog useful. If you’ve any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments, share them with me on Instagram, email me on:

Or contact me via my contact page.

If you’ve found this blog post useful, share it with other people who may find it helpful too.

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