I’m a Disabled Copywriter: I Can Bring Copywriting Skills and Disability Expertise to Your Digital Marketing.

You need your marketing to convey your message in an engaging and persuasive way. So you need effective copywriting.

Plus, you need your marketing written by someone who actually understands disability, so you can engage rather than alienate your disabled audience and/or so your lived disability experience isn’t written about inappropriately.

I’m a disabled copywriter. I pair copywriting and digital marketing skills with disability expertise, both from my lived experience and experience working in the disability sector.

I write effective disability inclusive copy.

And when I talk about disability, I mean everything that could be considered a disability. This includes chronic illnesses, long-term health conditions, neurodiversity, mental illnesses, sensory impairments, physical disabilities and learning disabilities. I know many people identify by their individual disability, impairment or health condition, but disability is the best word we currently have to cover all the different groups, so I use it.

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Why should you consider working with a copywriter?

You may be sceptical about entrusting your marketing to a copywriter. After all, you probably regularly come across content about disabled people or disability that just doesn’t get it. But…

A drawing of a dark purpley grey Braille keyboard with green keys, the kind of layout you would find on a Braille Notetaker or Braille Display, on a blank background.

I’m a disabled person and a copywriter.

I was born blind. I acquired pain-based chronic illnesses a few years ago. I’ve had amazing disabled friends and family throughout my life. So, I get disabled people on a deep personal level. The way only disabled people do. And that’s something I can transfer to your copy.

I’ve experienced the joy of reading accessible and disability inclusive copy that addresses disabled audiences in a way that’s made my disabled self feel seen.

I’ve experienced the joy of not having to wonder whether a product or service is accessible or do a bunch of Google searching to find out. Because the information is already there.

And that’s the kind of copy I can write for you.

But I’ve also read a lot of copy aimed at disabled people that doesn’t get us. So, I know how important getting this stuff right is.

Plus, I’ve done digital marketing, community engagement and inclusion and access work, both for disability organisations and in mainstream organisations who work with disabled people. So, I understand the bigger picture of your disability inclusive marketing.

And I’m a copywriter. Writing words to convey marketing messages and engage audiences is what I do.

So, I can:

  • Talk to you in depth about disability related stuff. Whether that’s your disabled audience, how your lived experience of disability impacts how you run your business, or both.
  • Understand your audience. Through personal experience and the ability to do research from disabled sources and identify stereotypes, misconceptions and biases in non-disabled sources.
  • Write copy that’ll talk to your disabled audience like we’ve been best friends for years. The kind of copy that gets them to trust you and buy from you.
  • Provide an accessible and inclusive service. I can adapt my processes to meet your access needs. We can chat through these when you get in touch. Check out my accessibility page for more on this.
  • Write copy that does all the stuff good copywriting should. So, you can engage a disabled audience or cover disability related content and market yourself well at the same time.

A side profile of a silhouette of a disabled copywriter in her wheelchair at a desk with a computer.

My Disability Inclusive Copywriting Services

I can write copy for all sorts of digital marketing including websites, blog posts, case studies and emails.

Check out my standard small business copywriting service pages in the menu at the top of this page to find out all about each service. As one of my disability inclusive copywriting clients, you also benefit from my years of disability experience. If you’re disabled yourself, I’ll adapt my processes to meet your access needs and make working with me as user friendly as possible.

I may be able to provide copywriting for other marketing materials. Contact me to discuss.

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Other Disability Services

I may be able to help with other areas of digital marketing for disabled audiences or for disabled small business owners. This includes things like strategy, market research and user testing. I can also advise about accessibility and inclusion more broadly.

Additionally, I can provide journalistic articles for publication about disability, media representation, inclusive books, marketing and small business.

Contact me to discuss a disability related project outside of copywriting. I’ll let you know if it’s something I can help with and then we can discuss processes and pricing.

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Interested in finding out more about disability inclusive copywriting services or other disability services?

I’d love to have a chat, answer any questions and see if we’re the right fit.

Get in touch using the contact details below.



Contact me using my contact form.

Don’t need copywriting for a disabled audience and not a disabled business owner? I write digital marketing copy for all sorts of other small businesses. Head to the home page to find out more about my copywriting services for small businesses.