As a disabled person myself, I know from experience how important accessibility is. So, I do my best to be as accessible as possible.

This page gives you an overview of  what I’ve done to make this website and my newsletter accessible. However, if there’s something you need that you don’t find covered here, you’re having difficulties accessing something or you have questions, get in touch and I’ll do my best to help.

You can email me at:

Definition of Disability

I use the word disability to include everything that could be considered a disability. This includes: chronic illnesses, long term health conditions, neurodiversity, mental illnesses, sensory impairments, physical disabilities and learning disabilities. I know many people identify by their individual disability, impairment or health condition. But as I want to include everyone and I talk about this stuff a lot, I use the word disability to include everyone it could possibly include.

How I make my website and newsletter accessible

I’ve done a range of things to make this website and my newsletter as accessible as possible.

Some examples include:

  • I use a clear font and good contrast.
  • I provide ALT text for images.
  • I use content and trigger warnings where appropriate.
  • I provide the option to sign up for the newsletter by emailing me instead of filling in the form.

I have done my best with the skills and experience I have to make this website and the newsletter accessible. However, I can’t promise it’ll be completely accessible to every single access need or use case. Because honestly, I know enough disabled people with various combinations of disabilities and access needs to be skeptical of anyone who claims they’ve tested every possible use case.

Contact Me about Accessibility

If you have any questions about accessibility, or anything else, email me at: