About Me: Rebecca Thorne, Copywriter at Connect With Your Crowd

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Hi, I’m Rebecca Thorne. I’m a copywriter for small businesses. I write words for digital marketing that engage the kind of customers you want to work with and persuasively encourage them to take the next step.

I haven’t always been a copywriter, but I’ve pretty much always been a writer.

Writing and I: The love story

I wrote fiction and poetry throughout childhood. As a young adult, I wrote a novel, several scripts and various other things. But I knew I wanted a more practical and sustainable career than trying to get published.

But my love of books gave me the spark that started me on a journey to achieve this.

A few years ago, I started writing articles about books for a small publication … and then a bigger one. And it turned out I love writing articles.

And articles lead me to blogging and marketing. I helped manage the blog for a small disability charity. And I loved it.

I worked in marketing and community engagement over a few years. I did all sorts of things but would always seize opportunities to write.

So, becoming a copywriter felt like a great way to do something I love and am good at.

I completed a copywriting course to consolidate the skills I gained through digital marketing and other forms of writing. I’m a member of professional development groups including the Professional Copywriters Network (the UK’s largest membership organisation for copywriters). I’m always learning new things because I know there’s always more to learn. And I want to do the best I can for my clients.

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But there’s so much more to me and copywriting than words

I am a writer, but I’m also a people person.

I love chatting with clients to understand their projects and small businesses. I especially love those conversations where people have ‘Ah ha’ moments about their marketing or where they’re excited about the simple way I’ve explained something they thought was complicated. When you work with me, I want to give you the experience of having an outside digital marketing person come in and help give you fresh ideas that you may be too close to your business to come up with.

As a disabled person who is blind and has pain-based chronic illnesses, writing for disabled business owners and disabled audiences are some of my favourite projects. I love marketing in an accessible and inclusive way that creates genuine connections with disabled customers.

Being disabled has also made me an experienced creative problem solver because I’m often having to dream up ways to adapt things to make them more accessible or doable for me. And being blind means I know a lot about the accessibility and usability of websites.

Writing for all sorts of small businesses means I get to see a lot of variety in my work and I absolutely love that. I’m a curious person, so learning about new things regularly and thinking about how to engage different audiences are things I enjoy.

I don’t just want to write a bunch of words and run off to write more words. I want to use words to transform your small business’s digital marketing and help you achieve your marketing goals.

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About me outside of work

I love reading. My favourite genres are science fiction and fantasy, but I occasionally read historical fiction or romance. Some of my favourite books are Sick Kids in Love by Hannah Moskowitz, The Six of Crows series by Leigh Bardugo and The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers.

My other hobbies include listening to podcasts, chatting with friends and spending time outside.

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