4 Podcasts That Help Me Succeed As A Disabled Business Owner

Blue and white cartoon of person wearing headphones to represent listening to a Podcast Are you a disabled business owner, entrepreneur or freelancer looking for podcast recommendations? In this blog post, I’ll be sharing the podcasts that have helped me with the disability side of being a disabled business owner.


Something I love about podcasts is that I can listen to them while doing other things. In fact, the main continual business-related learning I do is listening to podcasts and other content usually while I’m doing exercise.


I listen to podcasts on a range of subjects. But the focus of this post is podcasts that relate to disability and business.


I’m particularly talking from the perspective of someone who is blind and has primarily pain-based chronic illnesses. So as most of the podcasts I’ve found are specific to a disability type, my list does very much reflect this. But hopefully this list should be useful to people with a wide range of disabilities.


And a reminder that when I talk about disability, I’m including all the things that could possibly refer to chronic illnesses, long-term health conditions, neurodiversity, mental illnesses, sensory impairments, physical disabilities and learning disabilities.


With all that said, let’s get into my recommendations.


4 podcasts that have helped me succeed as a disabled business owner


1. The Audio Roundtable


This podcast is a panel discussion show featuring 4 blind friends who are all involved in audio production in some way. 3 of them run businesses and the show focuses primarily on their experiences with the 4th person leading the discussion.


It’s very casual conversation and is primarily focused on sharing experience, though there are some great tips and advice baked in too. But the standout point with this podcast is getting the perspectives of people who have similar but different experiences with audio production, assistive technology and general life circumstances. While it’s about audio production businesses, there’s plenty of blindness-related stuff that can be applied to businesses in other sectors. So, I’d particularly recommend it to blind business owners.


That said, there are some things worth noting with this podcast. There are a lot of tangents and general banter, so it’s definitely not as learning oriented as other podcasts. It’s probably best enjoyed while doing something else. There are frequent references to previous episodes, so you’ll find it most useful to start from the first episode. Additionally, there is frequent swearing throughout.


Find out more about The Audio Round Table at:


2. The Spooniepreneur Podcast


The Spooniepreneur Podcast features a mix of interviews with chronically ill business owners and solo episodes where host Nicole Neer talks about her own experiences as a chronically ill virtual assistant and running her virtual support agency.


This podcast mixes personal experience from both Nicole and her guests with practical advice you can apply to your own business.


The name spooniepreneur comes from mixing the term “spoonie”, the chronic illness community’s name for chronically ill people with part of the word “entrepreneur”.


This podcast is a lovely mix of experience sharing and advice. Nicole and her guests are really honest about running businesses with chronic illnesses and really delve into the ways traditional business advice needs to be adapted to make it chronic illness friendly.


Guests have a range of businesses, backgrounds and chronic illnesses so there are episodes to suit a range of tastes.


I haven’t listened to all the episodes yet, but a couple of my favourites are episode 35 with Gina Friel and episode 34.


You can find out more at:


3. Excel against the Odds


This podcast is fairly new, but so far it features a mix of interviews and solo episodes with host Sarah Berthon sharing advice. It’s about chronic illness and work more broadly but self-employment is a main focus.


The solo episodes are fairly short but cover effective strategies for working with a chronic illness.


At the time of writing, the interviews are a mix of chronically ill business owners and experts. So far, I’ve listened to the interview with Sara Buttler, which provided a fascinating glimpse in to her life as a freelance writer as well as her advice for chronically ill business owners.


This podcast is doing great so far, so I’m looking forward to seeing it develop in the future.


Find out more about Excel against the Odds at:


4. The Accessible Stall


This podcast features hosts Emily Ladau and Kyle Khachadurian having deep, honest but user-friendly discussions about disability issues. They also have transcripts for all their episodes.


It’s about disability more broadly, though there are great episodes relating to business. For example, episode 63 analyses a Nike ad as a way to take a practical look at disability representation in marketing. And episode 69 is a great look at the issues surrounding people not wanting to pay disabled people. So, if you ever have anyone try to not pay you or try to make you feel guilty for asking to be paid for your work then give episode 69 a listen or re-listen.


But the main reason The Accessible Stall is on this list is because it has really helped me think about some complex disability issues and work through some of my own internalised ableism. Ableism is the term for disability discrimination and all of us including disabled people have unconscious biases against disabled people.


Through thoughtful discussions about complex and nuanced topics The Accessible Stall podcast has made me think deeply about disability and my own thoughts, feelings and assumptions about it. This has been useful both as a disabled business owner communicating about my disabilities in my marketing and with my clients and as someone who works with disabled business owners and educates people about disability inclusion.


You can find out more about The Accessible Stall at:


Conclusion: podcasts that have helped me succeed as a disabled business owner


The above are a few podcasts that have helped me as a disabled business owner. I hope you find something great to listen to.


If you want support and advice about your marketing that’s tailored specifically for disabled business owners, I have a new service that can help. To find out more, email me on:




If you’ve got any disability and/or business podcast recommendations, put them in the comments or let me know on Instagram. I’m always happy to hear about your own podcast especially if it’s disability related.


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